At Head Turner Studios we offer custom designed liquid foundation, mineral powder, blush or bronzer designed to work with your individual skin type, skin tone and personal preference. Because we blend it ourselves, you can be assured of the finest ingredients - free of oils or parabens; consider it health food for your skin! Our Custom Blended Foundations pigmented with minerals resulting in a truly flawless yet light-weight coverage that you simply cannot get from a department store brand. Whether you have light skin, dark skin, normal, oily, scars or fine lines or unwanted tattoos, you are certain to get a formula that just perfect for you. With our Custom Designed Cosmetics you can have that photo-ready, airbrushed look everyday!

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"I'm starting to see a difference in my face already after just 3 weeks from your "magic potion" serum!... I love my custom blend, too! Angela you're a true "makeup designer" -Betty H., Mt. Pleasant, SC

"Angela, you never cease to amaze my with your incredible talent! Thank you so much for making me feel soooo beautiful on my wedding day! You are one in a million!" -Dana D., Charleston, SC

Angela McKee is a Professional Makeup Artist, Premier Cosmetic Designer and a Certified Trainer for the prestigious Motives Cosmetics Line.  She is also a Skin Care Specialist and Certified Nutraceutical Consultant specially trained in the Science of Nutritional Supplementation. 

Her cosmetic designs have been featured in everything from Film to Runways and Fashion to Bridal but her passion is designing camouflage cosmetics to assist individuals with scarring or disfigurements to live life more confidently.  As a Nutraceutical Consultant Angela works with some of the top Health Professionals in the industry while also consulting with individuals, helping them to determine their nutritional needs according to their Genetics.

In 2010 Angela created Head Turner Studios, a studio dedicated to providing top notch service, tools and education for individuals seeking to learn how to achieve optimal beauty from the inside out.  You can periodically catch her blog “Beauty is a Verb” where she highlights local individuals who exemplify what true beauty is.

Angela lives in Mt. Pleasant, SC with her two teenagers.